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September’s European Manufacturing Activity Level is 45.6


it’s the lowest reading in almost seven years, according to Markit. That’s not good news—whenever the index falls below 50, that means manufacturing is declining. Germany’s results were especially bad in September, showing the worst contraction in more than a decade.


There have been signs of a slowdown in Europe’s economy for a while now. The European Central Bank just started buying bonds again to try to stave off a downturn. But investors worry central bankers might be running out of ammunition. So they will be watching for lawmakers to introduce fiscal stimulus.

一段时间以来,一直有迹象表明欧洲经济正在放缓。欧洲央行(European Central Bank)最近再次启动债券购买计划,以期避免经济下滑。但投资者担心该央行未来在货币工具方面可能会无计可施,因此他们将关注是否会出台财政刺激措施。

Netflix' s Stock has Dropped 27% Since its Earnings Report


The video streaming company has had a rough time since July 18, when it announced that it had added fewer subscribers than expected in the second quarter. Nearly 45% fewer, to be exact.


A big subscriber miss is bad enough. But the biggest drag on the Netflix stock (NFLX) has been new competition. Walt Disney (DIS) and Apple (AAPL) are introducing their own streaming services. So are subsidiaries of Comcast (CMCSA) and AT&T (T).

订户增幅大量下滑已经足够糟糕了,但是拖累Netflix (NFLX)股价的最大因素是来自其他公司新的竞争。迪士尼(Walt Disney, DIS)和苹果(Apple, AAPL)正在推出自己的流媒体服务。康卡斯特(Comcast, CMCSA)和美国电话电报(AT&T, T)的子公司也正在这样做。

Overstock.com Fell 25% on Monday


If you think Netflix has it bad, just listen to what’s happened to Overstock.com (OSTK) in the past six weeks: Founder and CEO Patrick Byrne quit, 10 days after publicly confirming his involvement in the U.S.’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

如果你以为Netflix的表现已经够糟糕了,那么来看看Overstock.com (OSTK)过去六周都经历了什么:该公司创始兼首席执行官帕特里克·拜恩(Patrick Byrne)辞职,10天前他公开证实自己曾参与美国对俄罗斯干预美国2016年总统大选的调查。

Byrne’s resignation helped the stock, but not for very long—shares started to drop again after the former CEO announced that he had sold all of his shares.

拜恩辞职一度推动Overstock.com上涨,但涨势并没有持续很长时间。在他宣布已出售自己所持的所有股份后,该公司股价又开始下跌。The selloff got even worse on Monday. That’s when Overstock warned investors that it would just break even in the third quarte—quite a change of tune from the company, which had forecast profits of more than $17 million. It also said its CFO had resigned.


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