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Paul Volker Was 92 When he Passed Away on Sunday


Volker was the former chairman of the Federal Reserve and a towering figure in finance. He famously took over America’s central bank in 1979 when inflation was well past double digits and managed to tame price increases. It came with a cost, though: Volcker sent the economy into a deep recession.


Wall Street is famous for capturing those who would regulate it, but Volcker maintained a reputation for independence. After the financial crisis, he was in the spotlight again, this time arguing that bailed-out banks shouldn’t be engaged in proprietary trading—you might know it as the Volcker Rule.


Canopy Growth Stock Gained 14% on Monday

Canopy Growth周一(12月9日)飙升14%

That’s quite the increase even for a pot stock—those tend to be pretty volatile.


Why did it jump? The Canadian ca nnabis company announced that it has found a new chief executive: David Klein, who will be leaving his current role as CFO of beverage company Constellation Brands (STZ). Constellation has been investing heavily in marijuana and owns 38% of Canopy.

该股大幅上涨的原因是什么?这家加拿大大麻公司宣布已物色到新的首席执行官:大卫·克莱恩(David Klein),他将离开目前担任的饮料公司Constellation Brands (STZ)首席财务官一职。Constellation Brands一直在大力投资大麻股,并持有Canopy Growth (CGC) 38%的股份。

Canopy’s stock (ticker: CGC) has fallen by more than half since July—that’s when the company fired its then co-CEO Bruce Linton after disappointing results.

自7月以来,Canopy的股票下跌了一半以上,当时该公司在公布了表现令人失望的财报后解雇了时任联合首席执行官的布鲁斯·林顿(Bruce Linton)。

PG&E Now Expects to Pay $13,5 Billion to Settle Legal Claims


—related to wildfires. It’s almost $5 billion more than what the beleaguered utility had originally offered, but it will help the company move forward with its complicated bankruptcy process.


There is, however, a catch—and it’s a pretty big one: The settlement has to be approved by California’s governor, Gavin Newsom. And Newsom is pushing for concessions from the company—like letting the state appoint some board members.

但是有一个问题——而且这是一个很大的问题:和解协议必须得到加利福尼亚州州长加文·纽瑟姆(Gavin Newsom)的批准。纽瑟姆正在努力争取让该公司做出一些让步,例如让加州政府任命一些董事会成员。

PG&E (PCG) has not agreed to this yet. The company says it expects a decision from Newsom on whether he’ll back the deal by the end of the week. And ultimately, a court must also sign off on the new deal before PG&E can go forward.

PG&E (PCG)尚未同意这一提议。该公司表示,预计纽瑟姆将在本周末决定是否批准和解协议。在PG&E推进该协议之前还需要获得法院的批准。

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