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2019-12-16 13:09:04

50 million Is About How Many People Have Bought Apple’s Airpod Headphones, According to Evercore ISI.

Evercore ISI估计约5000万人购买了苹果的Airpods耳机

That might sound like a lot. But it’s only about 5% of the number of iPhones in use around the world. If you think about it that way, the market for Airpods remains not just huge—but relatively untapped.


And with Airpod prices starting at $160, Evercore analyst Amit Duryanani thinks they’re exactly the kind of product that can propel Apple to huge sales this holiday season.

而且,由于Airpod的起价为160美元,Evercore分析师阿米特·达利亚纳尼(Amit Duryanani)认为,这正是可以推动苹果在这个假日购物季实现庞大销售额的产品。

213: That’s How Many Initial Public Offerings There Have Been So Far in 2019.


Fewer than in 2018, and with less money raised. That’s not necessarily surprising, given that the big IPO news this year has been about disappointment—Uber and Lyft have not generated much investor enthusiasm since their debuts—and about disappearance, with WeWork’s planned offering falling apart in the face of scrutiny.


This was supposed to be the year of the tech IPO. It wasn’t. Underlining that, the biggest IPO of the year wasn’t a young tech company, but an old, state-owned oil company, Saudi Aramco.

今年本应是科技公司进行IPO的重要年份。然而实际情况并非如此,今年最大的一笔IPO并不是一家年轻的科技公司,而是老牌国有石油公司沙特阿美(Saudi Aramco),这一事实更加凸显了这一点。

220 points Is How Much the Dow Jones Industrial Average Gained on Thursday.


The rise came after President Donald Trump tweeted that the U.S. and China were very close to a deal. Later, it was reported that the two countries had finally reached a “phase one” deal.

该指数上涨是因为美国总统特朗普(Donald Trump)发推文说中美两国已经接近达成贸易协议。之后有报道称,两国终于达成了“第一阶段”协议。

Back in October, President Trump said an initial deal had been agreed upon in principle—and the countries have been trying to hash something out ever since.


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