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The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 22% This Year


And while that sounds pretty good, America’s other major stock index, The S&P 500 has done even better. It’s up 28% this year—that’s six percentage points more than the Dow.


The Dow doesn’t get much love outside of newspaper headlines, because it’s a little old fashioned—it has been around since 1896. But maybe the Dow should get more love. Because it has actually posted higher returns than the S&P 500 over the past five years.


It’s not a huge advantage, to be fair. And over longer periods of time, the two stock indexes track each other pretty closely, analysts say. All of this goes to show that the Dow isn’t obsolete just yet.


Netflix Stock Rose 3.6% on Thursday


That rally may have something to do with a couple of data points that have come out recently; they show that the video-streaming platform might not need to worry about all of its new competitors.


First, Netflix (NFLX) reported healthy subscriber growth outside the U.S.—that was earlier this week. Then, on Thursday, Bank of America published a survey of 1,000 Americans who use video-streaming services.

首先,Netflix (NFLX)本周早些时候公布的数据显示,美国以外地区的用户增长势头良好。接下来在周四,美国银行(Bank of America)发布了对使用视频流服务的1000名美国人的调查。

Of the Disney -plus subscribers in the group, more than half said they do not see the service as a replacement for Netflix. And 71% of them said they are using Netflix just as much—or more—than before.


Goldman Sachs (GS) May Pay a Fine Just Under $2 Billion


The bank is in talks to settle a U.S. criminal investigation into its role in a Malaysian corruption scandal. That’s according to Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.

据彭博(Bloomberg)和《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)报道,该行正就其在马来西亚腐败丑闻中扮演的角色达成刑事和解而进行谈判。

The size of the fine could still change, depending on how the discussions go. And it doesn’t include any penalties that the bank might pay to the Malaysian government or other U.S. regulators.

罚款金额仍可能发生变化,这取决于谈判的具体情况。这笔罚款不包括高盛(Goldman Sachs, GS)可能向马来西亚政府或其他美国监管机构支付的罚款。

The deal is still taking shape, but here’s what it looked like at the time of the Journal’s report: An Asian subsidiary of Goldman Sachs is to plead guilty to violating U.S. bribery laws. And on top of the nearly $2 billion fine, the bank would hire an independent monitor to recommend compliance changes and monitor their adoption.


A deal could reportedly be finalized early next year.


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